Tutorial: Magic Paint Board

Tutorial: Magic Paint Board


Here's a great little project for any budding little artist (or big one! I actually really like playing with it.) Its brush stroke paper put inside an old repainted frame (sans any glass.) What you do is paint on the brush stroke paper with WATER and watch your design magically appear. Then it slowly dries and fades away. My baby can paint on it anywhere and I don't have to worry about her trying to paint the walls with actual paint like mommy does. This is a super easy and cheap project that anyone can do!

What you need:

Old frame - the paper I bought is approx 8.5 x 11 so the frame was big enough for that. You can cut the paper down to size, no biggie.

Brushstroke Paper

 - I bought mine at

Oregon Art Supply

. You can actually call them and order some - its a great deal and they are super nice!!!! 1-866-683-2787

Glue stick

Spray paint (for the frame, of course this step is optional.)


1.) Take the back board out of your frame as well as cardboard inserts.


2.) Cut your brush stroke paper to size if necessary.


3.) Glue the paper onto the cardboard insert of your frame (if you didn't have that piece in your old frame you can glue it to the back board or cut a piece of thin cardboard [like from a cereal box] to size.)


4.) Optional. Spray paint your frame! I used a glossy pink color but use any color your heart desires. (I actually didn't do this step until after I had put it all together and then decided it needed paint. So I then had to take it apart, paint and put it all together again.)


5.) Put the brushstroke paper back into the frame.


6.) Make sure the glue has dried before painting on it and then GO CRAZY! Paint it with water and then when it dries you can paint it all over again.

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