Being Fo Real: What I think about holidays

Well, I said when I started this blog that I wanted to be FO REAL. Not one of those magical mothers that does everything, sews all of my kids clothes from scratch, hosts beautiful dinner parties, comes up with great ideas and always does everything right. I don't do that. 

And now with that introduction out of the way I want to talk about something that everyone else is talking about right now: Holidays. Or as many of us feel, Hellidays. 


I love my partner in crime and adorable daughter but I hate the holidays. I hate the pressure of having to do things certain ways. I hate having to conform to others plans and ideas. I hate the consumerism and the hypocrisy of the whole damn thing.

I get severe anxiety just thinking about it.


And I see so many other people feeling the same way and not saying "THIS IS ENOUGH!" They deal with abusive family situations or horrible travel plans just because that is what is expected of them. Some people fall into deep depression during the holiday season. There are so many reasons to be grateful, no doubt.  But I ask this: Do we really have to keep doing this?


I guess the point of my rambling is this: I'm over it. Last year after Thanksgiving I said that I didn't think that sitting around indulging in food while others are just hoping they get a meal at all isn't at all thankful.  And none of us want to sit around people eating animals. It's just not something we want to participate in.  

For December holidays

we are running away

edit: I looked over this and I feel like I wasn't fo real enough. I'm saying that more people should say "screw this!" to the regular helliday bullshit. I'm going to be the jerk that stands up and says that we are not doing it. We are creating our own

Winter Solstice



traditions this year and I'll post about that. My child will have a beautiful winter and will not be missing out things that do not fit into our values. Honor your values, people. It will take your life to a whole new level.  

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