Painting my kitchen!

Sometimes I get crazy ideas. Like that I need to paint the whole kitchen before I can record a cooking video in there. So I set off to make myself work far harder than necessary. 

Because first of all kids, you have to prime the walls. That means painting the whole dang place more than once. 

(Also probably getting some in your hair.) 


And you know what?! It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Instead of making my kitchen a crazy unusable space I should have been cooking up a storm and taking photographs. Poor planning is my game. 

(Look! I got paint on the floor!)                             


I picked up a ton of paint chips while I was deciding and finally settled on this color - An intense yellow orange. Trust me, those are just my test paint spots and its looking great. Okay its not totally done yet. I'm taking a short break before finishing but I just wanted to share some during photos. 

(I am totally painting those cabinets next.)


No day of painting or anything with even a remote chance of making me messy will go without a huge mess. It's all over my hands (oh and hair, yeah I forgot.) I wore the Mr.'s clothing while painting so I would not get paint all over myself. I got it all over him. Ha! (It's his dirty work clothes!) Oh and he deserves it because while I was doing this he went out and had some Voodoo Doughnuts. Without me. And didn't bring me any. Event hough it was my idea to get some on Saturday! (Rude!!! Hehe!)


Anyway get ready for the final pictures. Tomorrow. Because after I finish painting and finally get the mess cleaned up I'm going to get some take out for dinner. Then CHILL OUT. With some cookies I go buy to console myself. 

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