Tutorial: Quick and Simple Camera Strap

I have been meaning to do this FOREVER. We didn't have a camera strap for some long forgotten reason and instead I used some braided together yarn. Bright pink and neon green braided together yarn. It was hideous. It may have been beyond hideous.


And you guys, I'm really sorry about the poor quality of photos. In my defense it was a 4am project and I took them with my phone. I made up for it with lots of photos. It's kind of like screaming into a microphone when you're not a good singer. Somehow, it all works out in the end. (Or it's all bull. Either way, here ya go.) 

What you need: 

*a piece of woven fabric measuring 4 inches by 32 inches. (4"x32") quilting fabric is fine as well as sturdier fabrics. You want this to have no stretch to it. 

D ring and swivel clip

like I used


two swivel clips


two D rings. It's really up to you. I used 3/4" D rings. This just barely fits into my strap slots but it is a nice tight fit. Make sure the hardware you get will fit with your camera.



(And a sewing machine unless you want to sew this all by hand. Be my guest!)


1.) After cutting your fabric it is time to bust out the iron. I know, I know. Who irons anymore? You if you're going to sew, that's who! Fold your strap in half length-wise and iron in a nice crease.


2.) Now fold the edges in 1/4" and iron down. Do this on both sides. 


3.) Fold in each end and iron them down. 


4.) Fold in half length wise again and press one more time. Make sure your folded in edges line up correctly. 


5.) Now get out your sewing machine and your strap hardware (D rings, swivel clips, whatever you're using) 

6.) Now sew along the end using 1/8" seam allowances. (Now I know that's tight but it works best for this.) 


7.) Sew along both edges using the same 1/8" seam allowance. Work slowly and make sure your edges are lined up. Sew along the other end when you get to it. 


8.) Now to attach the hardware. Get out your piece and slide the fabric through. Pull your fabric until you have 1" through. Now fold it back onto the strap and sew down. Use at least the classic box with the X through it or do like I did and go crazy. Going crazy with your machine is super fun and I don't get to do it enough so I thought I would for this. No one's going to care if I have a crazy strap. I usually sew perfect lines and french seams. This just wasn't that kind of project. Again, do what YOU like. 


9.) Sew the hardware to the other end in the same way and attach to your camera. 


10.) Now get out of the house and go take some pictures!!!

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