Video: How to Cut a Mango

Hey everyone! I wanted to make a quick video on how to cut a mango. I know that many people may already know but it's nice to see a quick way when you aren't sure or you think you're making a huge mess. (Maybe you peel the mango and then try to cut a slippery orb? Maybe you just avoid buying them at all because you're not sure?) Well just check it out - it is super easy and nothing beats a good fresh mango!

Just a few tips:

I like to cut it with the stem end down because it is a bit more stable. You can turn it around and cut it with the stem up if that helps you visualise where the center of the mango is when you are cutting.

How to make sure your mango is ripe - smell it! They should smell sweet and fragrant. They are also a little soft with you squeeze it but not squishy. If you find that the ones at the store are only hard you can ripen them on your counter.


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