New things brewing!

I've been.. well.. stuff. I've needed some inspiration and I've got it at the best time! It's time for VEGAN MOFO (Vegan Month of Food!!!!!!!) and I'll be posting evert single day in September. Crazy right?  

Crazier? I'm working on drawing as much of it as possible in comic book form. I'm stretching myself big time here. I have never drawn in this style before. And I just decided YESTERDAY that I was going to do this. Talk about a deadline.  

Here's my first few sketches. I'm going to need some coffee to get me through a night of drawing.  

photo 1.JPG

It's my first attempt at drawing ME with huge manga eyes. That was way harder than I ever imagined. I went to an ART high school and I hated when other kids drew "anime"! Hated it! I said they were just copying, they had no skills, etc etc. What can I say? I was an angsty depressed artistic teenager. And a jerk. So now that i've grown up (a bit) I think it's time I apologize for those remarks (among others!) that I made about drawing anime. This is harder than it looks. Hhaha. 

photo 2.JPG

I've got stories to tell that involve crying. And measuring cups. You'll see!  

photo 3.JPG

This is my favorite drawing of me so far! Smirky and with my hair in the messy bun that it usually ends up in by the end of the day. Plus a rough drawing of my tattoo. I've got to figure out a way to simplify it even more.  

Anyway there it is. I've got some comic confessions, recipes, stories and maybe a haiku to tell in the next month so get some sleep so you'll be ready!  


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