Do It Anyway Workout Day 6 - E2Challenge

Today is day 6 of the 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge! I'm challenging myself to workout every day. Already, I am noticing PHYSICAL changes just through these workouts I've been posting (along with eating a healthy Plant Strong diet, of course!) 

Do It Anyway Workout Day 6 - E2Challenge

I was really not feeling like working out AT ALL TODAY. I mean not one bit. I didn't want to follow what anyone was telling me - I guess I was feeling rebellious. Ha! I made myself do it anyway though because I promised myself that tomorrow would be a "rest" day. By rest, I mean we are going to do some awesome yoga tomorrow so check back in for that! 

After complaining and whining and looking through tons of different workouts I went back to my current favorite, Neila Rey. I love these workouts because I can easily fit them into my day, I can go as hard as I want, I can go slow if I want to, and I can modify as necessary without feeling off key from a video. I chose to do the  X Eliminator Workout from because I thought that it would be easier because you get to take an exercise off at the end of each set. It was NOT AT ALL EASIER - BUT I DID IT! I was so energized from it that I also did a short video when I was finished. First up, let's do this one though! 

Do It Anyway Workout Day 6 - E2Challenge

Find more workouts from Neila Rey here! She also has a place where you can give back to her for her awesome work at putting out all of these free workouts for us! OR consider buying her book 100 No Equipment Workouts!!

I followed it up with this workout - it's totally doable, even with a crazy name like "Belly Fat Destroyer!" (Hey guess what, truth is, no one exercise is going to make you lose weight from a certain part of your body. Spot training still doesn't work. That said, this is workout is a good quick high intensity workout with no equipment necessary!) My favorite thing about this video is how he gives several options for each thing - from beginners to advanced. 

I'm trying really hard to show how many different options there are available and forcing myself to try new things! Have any suggestions for free online workouts that use no equipment? Let me know in the comments! 

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