My Workout Day 1 - 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge

Day is day 1 of my Engine 2 Challenge! All of my recipes are Plant Strong and my family and I have been Plant Strong for years (keep your eyes peeled because I need to post some recipes today too!) One thing I need to work on though is WORKING OUT. 

I am going to be posting my daily workouts as a way to keep me in line and to help motiviate you as well to get up and work it! Every workout will require no equipment (except maybe a nice yoga mat if you have hard floors like we do) and they will only take a minimal amount of space in your home to do.  

I also did some Zumba World Party for Wii today because I LOVE to have fun while working out. If it's not fun, I'm not going to do it. If you have a Wii or Xbox you should consider trying Zumba - and I'm totally NOT the girl you would expect doing Zumba (hello, nerdy, tattoos, stretched ears, vegan, cat lady.. does that say Zumba to you?!)

I added in some pushups for good measure because I want to be able to do at least 15 full pushups in a row by the end of this month! Right now I am doing modified because I don't have the strength yet. Remember, you can modify ANY workout to make it more suitable for you. Do what you can and make sure you don't injure yourself. AND HAVE FUN!!! 

Now get ready, get a bottle of water,  do a quick warm up (scroll down for her warm up!) and do this one too! 

The Cake Is A Lie Workout by Neila Rey

Neila Rey Cake Workout

Find more workouts from Neila Rey here! She also has a place where you can give back to her for her awesome work at putting out all of these free workouts for us! OR consider buying her book 100 No Equipment Workouts!!

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