Punch Today in the Face (300 times!) Workout Day 3

It's day 3 of my 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge! I'm adding workouts to my days because while I eat totally Plant Strong I still had not fully committed myself to moving more. Now I am making that commitment!

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28 Day Challenge Here! You can also find a great downloadable FREE E-Book from Engine 2 with a meal plan, grocery list, tips, exercises, etc - I highly recommend this!

If you haven't read the Engine 2 Book and My Beef With Meat yet you should check them out. They are why I became plant strong in the first place! 

Punch Today In The Face #E2Challenge

Before we get to the workout I have a couple of tips for you today! 

#1. Stay hydrated! Seriously, I feel so much better when I'm drinking enough water, especially when working out. I carry around a water bottle with me while I'm out (this one!) and I have a huge mason jar with this lid on it while at home (I LOVE those Cuppow lids!) If you think you don't like water you can always add some slices of lemon, lime and/or oranges to brighten up the flavor!

#2. Go at a steady pace because good form helps prevent injuries! Listen to your body. Modify the exercise if you need to (I avoid jumping a lot because it does not feel good on my knees so I modify that.)

#3. Try different activities to find what you love! And then realize that what you love may change so keep switching it up! I love kickboxing, yoga, dancing, hula hoop dancing, and cycling. I have also at other times enjoyed heavy weight lifting, running and taking classes at my local gym. There isn't one size fits all when it comes to fitness. You don't have to run. You don't have to do squats. You don't have to suffer. ENJOY YOURSELF and you will keep it up, ya know what I mean?

Today I did the 300 Workout below! All totaled you end up doing 300 reps - whew! Because 10 sets sounded like an AWFUL lot I decided to just double up my repetitions for each round so that I could do it all in 5 sets.  Hey, whatever mind games you gotta play, right? 

Oh and then afterward I did a bit of Just Dance 3 for Wii because sometimes you just gotta play, ya know what I mean? We tried to go outside to play but it was so cold and with the icy winds my eyes were watering too much to do anything (of course on the one day I wear makeup!) 

300 Workout on neilarey.com

300 Workout by Neila Rey - #E2Challenge

Find more workouts from Neila Rey here! She also has a place where you can give back to her for her awesome work at putting out all of these free workouts for us! OR consider buying her book 100 No Equipment Workouts!!

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