Workout Day 8 - E2Challenge

Workouts Make Me Happy! Day 8 E2Challenge

I have to admit that I almost skipped today too. Something about doing this 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge made me feel obligated to do it though and I AM SO HAPPY I DID! Loving this accountability.

So even though I drank a little too much champagne while Valentines Day recipe testing today (and maybe I had far too much chocolate!) I got it done. So get on up and do one too!

First up I felt I needed something a little more intense today so I went for a good Beginners Tabata Workout. HOLY HECK ARE THESE HARD! I've seen Tabata classes at the gym and now I'm a little be afraid that I could NOT do it. This was only 1/4 of what a regular Tabata workout would be and I was HURTING by the end. Also really sweaty. It is a fabulous workout though. Maybe after a few more rounds of these I could get up the courage to try a full length one. 

After that I figured I could stand to do something a teensy bit easier but still work my muscles more so I chose this Weight Loss Yoga Routine from Tara Stiles. I felt like I got a great core workout from this one and I was able to get my heart rate down after that crazy (in a good way) Tabata stuff. The only thing you'll need for this one is a yoga mat - I use a nice dense one like this for any kind of workout! 

Oh and like I said yesterday, check out her book Slim Calm Sexy Yoga (you can buy it here!) - it's fantastic! 

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