Workout Day 9 - E2Challenge - Blaster!

How's everyone doing on their second week of the 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge? Feeling better? Stronger? Healthier? (If you haven't signed up yet you can do that here: 28 Day Challenge Here! You can also find a great downloadable FREE E-Book from Engine 2 with a meal plan, grocery list, tips, exercises, etc - I highly recommend this!)

Mind Over Matter

Today we are going to do Neila Rey's Blaster HIIT workout! It's a really quick and effective workout - just blast some music in the background and get going! Try to push it to the next level and do ONE MORE round than you think you can possibly do! 10 rounds may sound crazy but if I can do it, you can do it!

Blaster HIIT

Find more workouts from Neila Rey here! She also has a place where you can give back to her for her awesome work at putting out all of these free workouts for us! OR consider buying her book 100 No Equipment Workouts!!

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