Pear Syrup Recipe

October 04, 2012 October 04, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston It’s pear season here in the beautiful Northwest and we are LOVING IT! There are several places around us where we can go pick pears, apples, and many other fruits. My daughter LOVES IT! Anyway I canned pears, ate a ton of pears and now I have … Read more

Do You Let Your Kids Help In The Kitchen?

September 06, 2013 September 06, 2013/ Morgan Getting my kid in the kitchen hasn’t been a hard thing at all. She regularly wants to know what I’m doing, what I’m making and wants to know how she can help. Most of the time I’m happy for her to get in here and do something. It … Read more

Recipe: Date Syrup

November 09, 2012 November 09, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston Have you ever had date syrup? (crickets) Yeah, so… it’s this really yummy stuff that you can use instead of processed sugar crap. Dates are a dried fruit. Simple. Clean. Delicious. You can use it replace liquid sweeteners in baking recipes or add it to your tea, … Read more

Review: Greasy Food Cart Roasted Carrots

October 02, 2012 October 02, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston I want to preface by saying: We are both vegan and plant-strong. Plant strong means that we eat whole plant based foods. I cook almost everything that we eat and eating out just doesn’t work as much for us. Don’t get me wrong, I live where there … Read more

Random Act of Kindness for January

January 05, 2013 January 05, 2013/ Morgan Eccleston So one thing on my goal list was to do one Random Act of Kindness a month (for the whole year.) These don’t have to be huge or costly to matter. They just have to be nice and have to be something that can make someone feel … Read more

Fast Vegan Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

March 17, 2015 March 17, 2015/ Morgan Listen I have a ton of recipes and really the only way I can see getting up here is to post them super fast with little intro. I still love yall. Check me out on instagram or facebook for more chatter!!!  You can use this for nice mochas … Read more