Recipe: The Cheesiest Vegan Cauliflower Soup

January 17, 2013 January 17, 2013/ Morgan Eccleston I have to tell you something that may not surprise you: I am a reformed cheese-a-holic. Well sort of. We’re vegan so we don’t eat dairy. You know what? No problem! We’ve got this soup. And all of the cheese I make! When I first made this and tasted it my … Read more

Simple Vegan Potato Leek Soup

September 26, 2013 September 26, 2013/ Morgan Sometimes soup is the only thing I want to eat. After I gave birth to my daughter my dad flew up to see us and he took care of me by making me a big batch of potato soup. I still love it and I especially look forward … Read more

Recipe: Collard Green and Black Eyed Pea Burritos

January 01, 2013 January 01, 2013/ Morgan Eccleston Happy New Year, Ya’ll! I don’t usually get super excited about a new year but I have a lot of projects coming up that I think you will be interested in. More to come on that, I promise. First though, let’s start with some good luck for … Read more