Thai Peanutty Quinoa with Tofu

December 08, 2015 December 08, 2015/ Morgan Hey guys! I’m still here, still kicking it and still cooking. I’m on INSTAGRAM if you aren’t following yet. And shit is getting FO REALS over there. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway this is delicious. I can’t stop eating it. And sharing it. So here, go make your own.  Sauce (adapted … Read more

Recipe: Vegan Tzatziki

March 06, 2013 March 06, 2013/ Morgan So I’m at it again with the sauces.. this time a tzatziki! ave you had it before? It’s such a lovely and refreshing dip/sauce. It’s a creamy sauce with herbs, cucumber and even a bit of cheesy something or other. I used some of the Tofu Feta (from last … Read more

Recipe: Vegan Cheezy Fondue (Nut-Free!!!)

October 18, 2012 October 18, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston I missed using my cute little fondue pot (its tough to use for photographs though, sadly.) And I missed dunking everything into cheese. I will never miss that again. This fondue, for me, is perfect. It was awesome with pears dipped into it. Amazing with some broccoli. … Read more

Recipe: Nacho Cheese Sauce (Vegan and Nut-free!!)

October 23, 2012 October 23, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston flows over corn chips into It has been one of those days. Which words could describe but it would be unbearable to most people. Instead, I give you a gift: Nacho Cheese Sauce. Make that Vegan and Nut Free Nacho Cheese Sauce.  You can watch a video … Read more

Recipe: Vegan Beer Cheeze Sauce (Nut-Free!!!)

October 11, 2012 October 11, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston Let me just let this picture swirl around in your brain until you are drooling.  Are we ready to begin? I have always been a fan of beer cheese anything. I remember the first time I had beer cheese soup – I was 12 and was addicted … Read more