Tamale Tools: Essential Equipment for Perfect Tamales

Tamales are a delicious and traditional Mexican dish that has been enjoyed for generations. They are made by wrapping dough around a filling, usually of meat or vegetables, and then steaming them until cooked. Tamale tools are essential for making tamales, as they help to ensure that the dough is evenly spread and the filling … Read more

Beef Carne Picada Taco Recipe

Beef Carne Picada Recipes and Some Variations Carne picada meat , carne asada, and carne guisada are all variations of a meaty taco or fajita filling. While beef is the main ingredient in each, the addition of certain ingredients in these variants is what makes them so different from each other. No matter what, you … Read more

How To Cook Pork Longaniza

Best way to cook traditional sausage pork longanisas Pork longaniza is a popular dish in the Philippines, Mexico, the United States, and the Dominican Republic. It is prepared by stuffing ground raw meat into hog casings and simmering it in it’s over medium high heat, turning it soft and delicious. Longaniza is often served as … Read more

How Long Does Fresh Salsa Last In The Fridge

Salsa is a delicious and nutritious Mexican condiment that comes in a wide variety of flavors. Not only is This tomato, onion, and chile-based sauce filled with essential vitamins and minerals, but it is also considered a pretty healthy addition to any dish. With all the good things to be said about salsa, sometimes people … Read more

Mango Habanero Salsa Recipe

A Pairing Made in Heaven: Mango Habanero Salsa Mango habanero salsa is a bit of an enigma. What does it pair with? Does the spiciness override the flavor? Questions aside, if you are a salsa lover, you are going to want to try it. Easy to make and diverse in its pairings, mango habanero salsa … Read more

How Long Do Flour Tortillas Last?

Tortillas are a type of Mexican cuisine popular around the entire world. They are a kind of unleavened bread that’s round, thin, and flat. You can use them to make quesadillas, burritos, wraps, and many other foods. They are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to thick slices of sandwich bread. Tortillas also … Read more

Best Taco Truck Green Sauce Recipe

Best Taco Truck Green Sauce Recipe It isn’t easy to even guess what this sauce’s name is. I’ve heard it referred to as “Salsa Dona” and “That green stuff.” But whatever it’s named, this delectable sauce is always excellent. Every variation of creamy jalapeno salsa has its unique flavor profile; my objective with this dish … Read more