Vegan Peanut Butter Oatmeal Banana Muffins

August 10, 2013 August 10, 2013/ Morgan Hi yall! It’s been a little while, I know. I’ve been moving to a new home! And packing, unpacking, cleaning, cleaning more, rearranging, eating out, eat out even more, cooking boring meals, and well.. truthfully, I just have been enjoying my time away from the computer.  But I … Read more

Sweet Potato Pie Overnight Oatmeal Parfait

February 21, 2014 February 21, 2014/ Morgan makes 1 big serving! Blend up the mashed sweet potato, 1/2 cup soy or almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg with an immersion blender or regular blender (even a food processor will work!) Put this mixture in a container and chill overnight.  In another container (I usually use a wide … Read more

Vegan Mango Lassi Overnight Oatmeal Parfait

January 18, 2014 January 18, 2014/ Morgan I am LOVING breakfast lately, guys! It’s all about the vegan overnight oat parfaits, guys. The Vegan Double Chocolate Berry Overnight Oats is a huge hit in my house – I even eat it for dessert. My daughter loves it too but she has been BEGGING and PLEADING … Read more

Easy Tofu Bacon & an Amazing Vegan BLT

January 08, 2014 January 08, 2014/ Morgan I don’t even know what possessed me to make this yesterday. It just came to me and I went forward with it. It must have been my brain tapping into some magical knowledge center because this bacon is my FAVORITE! I’ve made the tempeh bacon that everyone makes. It’s good. … Read more

Sloppy Joes Recipe

March 31, 2014 March 31, 2014/ Morgan Ever get a craving that you just can’t shake? (Story of my life!) I wanted some yummy Sloppy Joe’s that tasted like the stuff I grew up with – the stuff, yes friends, in a can! Of course I wasn’t going to just grab a can of that … Read more

Asparagus Recipe

March 24, 2014 March 24, 2014/ Morgan Some days only a simple meal will do. I do love fancy complicated dishes but don’t forget that I’m also a mother who is too dang busy to cook a lot of the time. I have to throw stuff together real fast but that doesn’t mean that I … Read more

Mango Salsa – Simply Healthy

January 29, 2014 January 29, 2014/ Morgan Looking to add a dash of AWESOME to your salads? Or a new salsa to the table? Maybe just need something to top your sweet potatoes with? Mango salsa is the cure for all of these things and more! I loooveee mangoes! They are so wonderful in sweet … Read more

Toasted Sesame Collard Greens – Simply Healthy — Fo Reals Life

January 30, 2014 January 30, 2014/ Morgan Collard greens are currently my ultra-favorite green. I love kale, don’t get me wrong, but I’m totally feeling sick of it. I need variety and MORE greens anyway! And collards? They are amazing vegetables. I usually cook them with a smokey undertone flavor (smoked paprika, liquid smoke or … Read more

Horchata Recipe

April 03, 2014 April 03, 2014/ Morgan I recently broke down and bought myself a brand new “big girl” blender – a Blendtec! Now there are different high speed blenders I could have picked but this is about why I chose this one over a Vitamix or Ninja Blender.  The Blendtec and Vitamix both have … Read more