Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

April 07, 2015 April 07, 2015/ Morgan

Hey so if you didn’t know – I’m allergic to two things and it sucks because vegans love these two things: bananas and cashews. WTF, right?! So I make all of my smoothies without bananas and all of my nut sauces without cashews (almonds work great so whatever, I’m happy!) Of course replacing bananas in recipes is near impossible. IT IS NOT FUN. So could this be even more crazy creamy delicious with a banana? Probably. Go find out for yourself. The truth is, it was super delicious anyway and the ice + almond milk combo turns out pretty dang creamy. Ya learn to live with inconveniences like this and make substitutions. 

(“Hey ma give me dat!” – That’s my cute baby grabbing my arm!) 
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie
(2 servings)
2 cups sliced strawberries 
2 tbsp cocoa powder

8 ice cubes 1 cup greens (Kale spinach) 1 cup almond milkSweetener of choice to taste 

Blend the heck up and serve! My 4 year old was trying to lick the jar afterward (doesn’t work so well…)


-2 WW points per serving – ***There is some debate on how to calculate points for smoothies because it is usually just blended up fruit and vegetables. This was how it calculated in the recipe builder. If you want to just do simple addition for the points here then it would be 2 points for the whole smoothie instead of for half. Do what works. 🙂 

April 07, 2015/ Morgan/