Do You Let Your Kids Help In The Kitchen?

September 06, 2013 September 06, 2013/ Morgan

Getting my kid in the kitchen hasn’t been a hard thing at all. She regularly wants to know what I’m doing, what I’m making and wants to know how she can help. Most of the time I’m happy for her to get in here and do something. It makes her love food, love the smells, love eating healthy food and we get to spend time together. What’s better than that? 

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Here she’s grating up some Heidi Ho Veganics Chipotle Cheddar (vegan!) Cheese to go on some tacos for lunch. 

Have you tried letting your kids help you out in the kitchen lately? (And doing more than just making cookies.. I mean have them help you cook all of the meals you eat. They learn SO MUCH!) 

September 06, 2013/ Morgan/