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December 18, 2012 December 18, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston

I have to try things many times to get them right. Usually I’m so annoyed at my big mistakes that they go into the garbage before I can take a picture. I think that I’ll try to take pictures more often though for the benefit of proving that BLOGGERS ARE HUMAN. 

I’m working on a super secret fun vegan chicken and waffles recipe. 

The first waffle? NO GOOD! (Gross, right?! That picture kind of looks like a cat barfed in the waffle iron.)

Don’t worry though! I kept trying, tweaking and perfecting. I threw some out and I munched on some sub-par ones. But then I figured it out and I’m super excited about them! They are made with whole wheat flour, they are plant strong (no added oil!) and of course, as always, vegan. And 4 points each for huge waffles so that is also fantastic news!

If you’ve got kids and have seen Yo Gabba Gabba you have probably heard the song “Keep Trying!” Yeah, do that. I’m doing it. 

I’ll let you know how the vegan chicken and waffles turns out… 

December 18, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston/