Make Yourself Proud E2Challenge Workout Day 4

February 06, 2014 February 06, 2014/ Morgan

If I can do this today, you can do this. Ready to feel good about what you can accomplish?!

Welcome to Day 4 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge! I’m trying to keep myself on my toes by trying different workouts everyday and this one SURPRISED ME  – to say the least! Cassey from Blogilates is super cute and bubbly. SHE’S TRICKING YOU THOUGH BECAUSE SHE IS ABOUT TO HURT YOU WITH THESE WORKOUTS! HAHAH! No really, she seems extra sweet and does a great job of leading through workouts. I love having her to tell me to keep breathing because I really needed to while doing these. It seems so innocent until you’re in the middle of it and then you think “SERIOUSLY?!” But hey, I did and and FEEL GREAT! Talk about making myself proud today!

Arms on Fire workout from Blogilates! There’s a video below that is the same as this printout – it’s really helpful to watch the video at least once because she shows you what every move is and also shows you ways to modify them (and tells you to breathe! DO IT!) 

Alright, not that I want to KILL YOU but I did the arms one and the Hips Butt & Thighs Super Shaper from Blogilates! Holy moly was that a super workout, guys! Remember to check out the video below for her guidance, tips and tricks (and motivation to get through it!) 

Remember – take breaks, listen to your body, drink water, and MAKE YOURSELF PROUD! If I can do it, you can totally do it! 

February 06, 2014/ Morgan/