MY Favorite Hummus

April 07, 2015 April 07, 2015/ Morgan

This is just a recipe for my own personal favorite hummus. Tasting many brands of hummus you learn two things – there is no single recipe for hummus and other people may not like your favorite kind. So you may end up liking more lemon, less lemon, more cumin, less cumin, etc but overall this is my favorite so ya know.. try it.  Then adjust to your tastes! Except don’t leave out the tahini. Hummus without tahini sucks, I realized.My Favorite Hummus3 cups cooked garbanzo beans2 & 1/2 cups waterjuice of 2 lemons4 cloves garlic3 teaspoons cumin1/4 cup tahini salt to taste (I cook my beans with no salt so I add over a teaspoon to this recipe. You’ll probably want to start with less then add more.) 

Now a fancy trick I learned from the internet to get the smoothest most awesome hummus is to heat up your beans and water in the microwave (or I suppose stove) before blending. I let it go for about 5 minutes (the beans, water and garlic.) Then proceed. Blend everything together in your trusty blender. NOW I KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN… you’re going to freak out. I did. I freaked out. TOO MUCH LIQUID I THOUGHT! AGHHH!! But after about 40 seconds in my high speed blender it started to get thick. In fact so thick that it started to stop and I knew it was done. It then thickens up even more in the fridge. Trust me. It will work. If not, you now have a ton of awesome dressing.  Hahha.

– 1 WW point per 1/4 cup hummus! – 

April 07, 2015/ Morgan/