My Workout Day 2 – 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge

February 04, 2014 February 04, 2014/ Morgan

Today’s workout is a “Quick and Simple” Toning and Cardio Boot Camp. It’s just 10 minutes long which is perfect for me because I have a 3 year old and that just means that sometimes I cannot workout for an hour straight! Instead I do the 10 minute workouts 3 times during the day when it is convenient. Even just doing 1 round of these is a great workout to incorporate into your day!

I did this one 3 times this morning (because I had the time! WOOHOO!) and then threw in an extra 20 incline pushups (here’s a short video on how to do these. They are not as hard as regular pushups but help you build up the strength for the full pushups. You can start out doing these against a wall, counter, table or even the side of the couch.) Alright, get out your workout mat and get ready to work it!

This workout is from! They have a TON of videos for everything from HIIT workouts, pilates, ballet barre, strength, cardio and more! They also have workout programs that you can purchase and follow a daily routine through. I love that their workouts DON’T have music so you can just play whatever motivates YOU in the background. These can also help for doing the other workouts that I post that do not have videos because you may not know how to do “flutter kicks” or other workout moves. 

February 04, 2014/ Morgan/