Just Beet It Cupcakes Recipe

May 29, 2013 May 29, 2013/ Morgan I’m pretty sure that i’m not the only one here that loves cake. Everyone does. If you don’t – you’re weirder than I am. I made these for a birthday party where I knew I’d have to bring out the vegan treats. I was worried that making carrot … Read more

Roasted Jalapeno Garlic Hummus Recipe

May 03, 2012 May 03, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston I have been craving hummus for days! I had to go get more chickpeas today to make some though because I used my last few cans on the Creamy Sesame Noodles. I was not disappointed with that though so it was well worth the walk to the … Read more

Rules For Shopping at a Handmade Market:

December 29, 2012 December 29, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston So for those raisin haters out there: before you get freaked out by the raisins in the photos, trust me that they are OPTIONAL and I’m going to tell you how to make this without ’em (or suggest something else to add!) Have I said before that … Read more

BBQ Polenta Pizza Recipe

BBQ Polenta Pizza Recipe YUM! It’s Friday! For many people that means PIZZA NIGHT! How about make some healthier fun pizza at home tonight? (Or whatever day you feel like having pizza!) Have you ever had polenta as the pizza crust? It’s kind of surprising how great it can be. See, I’m following Dr. Mcdougall’s … Read more

Jalapeño Ranch And Artichoke Hummus Recipe

July 11, 2013/ Morgan You might have heard before in my previous Ranch Dressing recipe that I’m not much of a salad person. I’m working on that! I actually went out to a place with some AMAZING vegan salads. Something about someone else making a salad for you makes it very tempting. Also the fact … Read more

Basil Artichoke Hummus Recipe

July 05, 2013/ Morgan When I first heard about people putting hummus on potatoes I thought “yall are weirdos!” and went on my merry way. Then I kept hearing about it. Then I had some hummus in my fridge and some cold baked potatoes. Snack attack took over and I smeared some hummus on with … Read more

Lychee Bubble Tea Recipe

July 12, 2013/ Morgan Have you ever had bubble tea? It’s a super fun drink that you can find at some Thai restaurants, speciality shops and tea houses. I, personally, love it! It’s a flavored tea with yummy squishy tapioca balls in it. You suck them up through a big fat straw and chew on … Read more

We’ve MOVED!! New Web Address

We have moved!! Forealsmom.com is now posting at FoRealsLife.com !!!! Hooray! To celebrate our new name and new website I’m giving away (1) Cuisinart 2 Speed Immersion Blender!! This is my #1 tool in the kitchen. You can use it to make quick sauces, hummus, creamy soups, shakes, whatever! I use it at least twice … Read more

Crispy Tofu In Orange Sauce Recipe

I think this was a recipe request that I got from several sources but I could never remember who. Someone on the facebook page asked for it and someone at home asked for it (but he claims he wanted Orange TEMPEH… and couldn’t figure out why I used tofu. Whatever. I’ll make it with tempeh … Read more