Perfect Baked Brown Rice Simply Healthy

February 06, 2014 February 06, 2014/ Morgan

In my house I have a few staples that I like to keep on hand for quick meals. These are baked sweet potatoes (in the crockpot!), baked russets, red or gold potatoes (also in the crockpot!), cooked beans and this brown rice. 

This is the EASIEST totally fool proof way to cook brown rice. It turns out perfect every single time. Never overcooked, never undercooked, and it’s never “exploded” (you know what I mean? When the grain splits open?) All you need is a casserole dish (preferably with a lid like this one but you don’t HAVE to have a lid – you can cover it with foil!) plus some rice and water. Easy!!!

It’s so nice to have it in the fridge waiting for me when I want to make some burgers (like black bean or spinach or even buffalo chickpea!) Or if I come home starving and need something that is healthy, plant-strong and filling I can just throw some rice, vegetables and beans (plus maybe some chili cheese sauce or salsa!) together for a quick satisfying meal. This really keeps me from eating processed quick vegan junk food!

If you don’t think you can eat this much rice within 4-7 days (that’s how long I keep it in the fridge!) then do not worry your head one little bit. Brown rice freezes beautifully!! I just freeze it in 1 cup servings in freezer bags. I also flatten the bags before zipping them up so that they take up less space (plus they thaw quickly that way!) 

adapted from Alton Brown’s recipe 

  • 5 cups water (or low sodium, oil free vegetable broth!) 
  • 3 cups brown rice (my favorite is short grain)
  • 1/2 – 1 teaspoon salt 

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. 

Put your rice into a large casserole dish (like this one with the oven safe lid!) 

Bring your water and salt to a boil. 

Pour the water over the rice and cover tightly with foil or a tight fitting lid. 

Put in the oven and bake for an hour. 

Take it out, fluff it up and eat it. 

To store leftovers – I typically will save at least half in the refrigerator (depending on my plans for the week) in a glass container like these. The other half will be put into freezer bags in 1 cup serving sizes (makes it easier for recipes!) I smash the rice down flat in the bag so that it freezes quicker, thaws quicker and it takes up less bulky space in the freezer. It should last at least a few months in the freezer.