Random Act of Kindness for January

January 05, 2013 January 05, 2013/ Morgan Eccleston

So one thing on my goal list was to do one Random Act of Kindness a month (for the whole year.)

These don’t have to be huge or costly to matter. They just have to be nice and have to be something that can make someone feel good. Maybe even inspire them to pass it on.

I was doing laundry and remembered the times that I’ve gone in and a machine was full of money and ready to go. I would look around and wait to see if anyone was coming to claim it. I don’t know, maybe they put the money in and then went to their car to get their laundry. No one ever came and I would throw in my clothes with a hint of nervousness but also relief that I had just a bit of change left for the next load. (With a toddler and a dirty hardworking Mr. you tend to have lots of laundry!)

I decided to pay it forward for their generosity (since it happened more than once I have decided that it was done on purpose.)

Of course I didn’t want anyone else to question if it was for them to take or not so I wrote some little notes out first.

Then we loaded the dryers with enough money for each of them to dry a large load of clothes. 

And we taped our little notes on!

One thing checked off my list! Now it’s time for me to move on to bigger things! 

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January 05, 2013/ Morgan Eccleston/