Recipe: Date Syrup

November 09, 2012 November 09, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston

Have you ever had date syrup? (crickets) Yeah, so… it’s this really yummy stuff that you can use instead of processed sugar crap. Dates are a dried fruit. Simple. Clean. Delicious. You can use it replace liquid sweeteners in baking recipes or add it to your tea, coffee, milk, cereal, whatever.

I had enough dates to make a second batch but my child and I devoured them while watching Star Wars (A New Hope!) with


on. You gotta do it. Especially if you love MST3K. I think that is going to be our new Tuesday night ritual.

Now we love using stevia as much as possible but there are times that the taste of it just doesn’t work in a recipe. Or for someones palate.

So whip up a quick batch and see what you think. You may want to throw out that bottle of super 

processed agave syrup

in favor of something a bit more wholesome.

I almost feel silly doing these entire posts on something SO SIMPLE but I’ll get over that feeling. Sometimes the simplest of things are the easiest to mess up.

Date Syrup

1 cup dates (pitted!)

2.5 cups water

  • Put the dates in the water and let soak for about 30 minutes. 
  • Blend up for a couple of minutes or until very smooth. I used my immersion blender and it rocked this task like no other! 
  • Now pour into a jar, refrigerate and enjoy!

November 09, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston/