Review: Greasy Food Cart Roasted Carrots

October 02, 2012 October 02, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston

I want to preface by saying: We are both vegan and plant-strong. Plant strong means that we eat whole plant based foods. I cook almost everything that we eat and eating out just doesn’t work as much for us. Don’t get me wrong, I live where there are a TON of vegan friendly places to eat. Everything is just covered in nuts (allergic!) or coated in oil – which we don’t do.

Well except yesterday when I saw this neat little food cart. Frankly it was my little entrepreneurs heart that made me go up to it. It was just the guy running it and his buddies hanging out so I felt like they needed some business. I knew from seeing their menu posted in the laundromat that they had a couple of vegan items. Why not? 

For a couple of bucks we tried the battered deep fried carrots. 

This is a heart attack wrapped in foil, people. Tons of gooey batter but mostly a greasy salty mess. My daughter pulled the batter off and just ate the carrots. Same here. I tried them as is but it was so oily I almost hurled. There was a distinct lack of flavor overall as well. Carrots are tasty! How did this happen?!

Also? It was supposed to be $2 but he charged my card $2.06 – which is just funny. 

So here is my review/lesson: vegan doesn’t mean healthy. OR tasty. These were too oily, the batter was not cooked in some places and flavorless to boot.

I am going to recreate these babies though because it has potential. Baked, not fried. No oil. Lots of flavors added. And a healthy tasty dip to go along with it. 

What kind of flavors do you like with roasted carrots? 

October 02, 2012/ Morgan Eccleston/