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December 16, 2011 December 16, 2011/ Morgan Eccleston

It seems like there are quite a few people that still don’t understand how to shop at a handmade market. Perhaps it is all the eggnog they serve this time of year but I still see no reason to act like a bunch of hooligans while shopping! Handmade marketplaces are very special places to get one of a kind items made locally. There is no better way to support your local economy than to buy from a handmade market rather than the big box stores. This also really cuts the risk of someone getting two (or more) of the same things during the holidays. Don’t forget, you can also buy locally made things during any time of the year and these rules still apply!

Rules For Shopping at a Handmade Market: 

  • Do not complain about the price. This stuff is HAND MADE. No child in Singapore made this. The person sitting there in the booth did. You are free to move along if you don’t like the price but consider that quality is better than quantity. Things made by loving hands really do last much longer.
  • This seems obvious to me, but keep your rude comments about the products to yourself. The person sitting there MADE IT! Walk far away if you want to say something about our stuff. Don’t blather on to your friend or kids or self about how something is SO TRENDY, or BORING, or LAME, or STUPID or any other horrible thing to say to someone about their products. I cannot believe how often people break this rule.
  •  Do not say “I could make that.” Its totally rude, you’re implying that you might steal the idea, and besides you won’t go and make it.
  • On that note, please ask before taking pictures.
  • Control your children. Yes, you can. No one needs their stuff pawed with sticky fingers or thrown on the floor. And customers don’t want to try to fight their way through your kids having a sword fight in front of our merchandise .
  • Don’t say “I’ll be back!” out of guilt or whatever it is. Say it if you really will but we know you won’t.
  • Don’t have us “hold” something if you aren’t coming back! At least come and say “Oh I changed my mind” so we can put it out for someone else.
  • Don’t steal. Duh. But seriously – BAD KARMA! We tolled over these things. We have emotional connections to our work. We deserve the money for the time and care we have put into the stuff.
  • Unless you have a service animal (cough cough – LEGIT service animal!) leave your pets at home! Dog drool is not a selling point.
  • Compliment, love, pay and be on your way. We appreciate our lovely customers. You won’t get the type of customer service we can provide to people who extend kindness and appreciation in our direction.

December 16, 2011/ Morgan Eccleston/