Spicy Wasabi Grapefruit Vegetable Rolls

January 20, 2014 January 20, 2014/ Morgan

Alright, so you have some Spicy Wasabi Hummus right now and you wanna put that stuff on stuff! I know how you feel. I love putting stuff on stuff. How about wrapping it up with those veggies you’re dipping into it and then you have a totally portable vegetable and hummus roll!! Yeahhhh!!! They pack into lunches, make great snacks or unique appetizers. Since they have the beans from the hummus inside they are actually really filling and satisfying. 

And the grapefruit SOUNDS crazy. Maybe it is but the sweet and tart mixed with the savory spicy hummus? It’s a combination made in heaven. 

If you don’t like rice paper wrappers you can also wrap them in nori. My 3 year old ADORES nori so she wanted one of those. (I made her some of the spicy wasabi hummus minus the spicy wasabi but still with the toasted sesame seeds and other seasonings. She loved it in the nori roll!) 

Make sure that if you do use wasabi that you check the ingredients!! Some contain DAIRY – why!?!? – so check the ingredients and if you can find it, powdered wasabi usually doesn’t have any milk in it. You just mix it up with some water and use it just the same. 

Don’t you just feel healthier looking at those fresh veggies you are going to eat? It’s like a beautiful rainbow of health! 

For each roll – 

  • 1 rice paper wrapper (like these) OR 1 piece toasted nori
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Spicy Wasabi Hummus (recipe here!) (and you can leave out the wasabi for a mild version!)
  • 2 segments of red grapefruit 
  • a couple of slices of the following: red cabbage, cucumber, green onion, bell pepper or any raw vegetables you like sliced thin
  • a few sprouts (use radish sprouts for extra spice!) 
  • optional – extra wasabi 

For rice paper rolls – briefly soak the wrapper in warm water until JUST pliable, not super soft. Layer the fillings inside and roll up (kind of like a burrito!) It will get softer as you work with it so it is best to only get it to the pliable stage at first so that they do not become too delicate to roll. 

For the nori – just add your fillings in roll up. You may want to moisten the edge of the paper so that it sticks itself to the roll. Cut in half with a serrated knife. 

Serve with a simple dipping sauce made of tamari/soy sauce, rice vinegar, grated ginger and grated garlic. Yum! Feel free to add more wasabi if you can handle it!