Vegan Mango Lassi Overnight Oatmeal Parfait

January 18, 2014 January 18, 2014/ Morgan

I am LOVING breakfast lately, guys! It’s all about the vegan overnight oat parfaits, guys. The Vegan Double Chocolate Berry Overnight Oats is a huge hit in my house – I even eat it for dessert. My daughter loves it too but she has been BEGGING and PLEADING for mango. MANGO MANGO MANGO! And who can blame her? Mango is awesome. So to make my daughter happy (and quiet) I made a delicious new overnight oat parfait with mango, vegan yogurt and a pinch of cardamom. Wow, is it good. Yeah, it’s not chocolate but I cannot live on chocolate alone. Believe me, I’ve tried. 

This is such a bright and flavorful start to the morning that I can almost forget that it’s been cloudy and foggy for days around here (no sun or blue skies at all! Blech!)

So WholeSoy makes a plain unsweetened vegan yogurt but I have never been able to find it. Soon I’m going to be trying my hand at making my own and if I come across a good method I will definitely be sharing it with you. For now, I have a few other brands that are alright or you can make my “not real” (and not awesome) yogurt that I describe how to make below. Either way you do it, it tastes really good.

Oh and make sure you have fresh ground cardamom – it is SO flavorful but the wonderful intensity of it is lost after just a month in my spice cabinet (I don’t really have a cabinet. More like a huge pile of spices in bags. It’s a mess.) 

serves 1 (it’s a big serving!)

Before bed – The mix the rolled oats, oat milk, chia seeds, and stevia (if desired) together in a jar (or other container.) Cover it and stick it in the fridge.

When you wake up the overnight oats will be nice and thick!

Blend 3/4 cup of the mango, cardamom and the vegan yogurt together until smooth. 

Layer your parfait together alternating the mango puree and overnight oats. I like to add most of the remaining 1/4 cup of mango in the middle (and maybe sprinkle a few on top with a dash of cardamom for looking pretty!) 

January 18, 2014/ Morgan/