Vegan Spicy Pumpkin Chai Latte

September 02, 2013 September 02, 2013/ Morgan

Here’s a super quick recipe for ya – I didn’t even take a nice picture. Instead you get to enjoy my cat cup getting drunk off this sweet fall drink.  

That’s a cat, I swear. Its super cute and HANDMADE. Not by me. But I traded a bear hat that I made for it. Ahh… Oh gah! Look at my horrible nails. My daughter paints them with Piggy Paints and I can’t get that stuff off. It just… chips away. Yeck! 

 I wanted to get this to you so quickly that I didn’t even do a whole drawing page for it. In fact, I drew it one with one of those really short pencils they have at the library for you to write down where your books are at the library. Yeah, we have a habit of accidentally taking those home. 

Here’s some notes on the recipe: use whatever tea you like. I love rooibos because its got a great flavor and its naturally caffeine free.  Use whatever sweetener you like. This is SPICY chai. So if you’re afraid of spicy stuff use a little bit less at first and then add more. If you super love spice feel free to add 1/8 teaspoon white pepper to it for extra zing! You can buy whole nutmegs and grate them with a microplane. I’m not kidding when I tell you that its a totally different spice compared to the jar stuff. Oh yeah and you could just use chai tea bags if you won’t but it won’t have much spice to it. I would still add cinnamon and nutmeg. Or you can use a chai spice blend like the ones from Blue Lotus Chai.