Working Rest Workout Day 7 – E2Challenge

February 09, 2014 February 09, 2014/ Morgan

Hello again! It’s day 7 of the Engine 2 Challenge and I have been challenging myself to work out everyday. Everyone does need a rest day now and then but I believe in active rest. It will keep me in the habit of moving every single day. So today for my active “rest day” I decided to do yoga. In fact, it felt SO AMAZINGLY GOOD this morning that I think I may be incorporating yoga into my every day routine. Even 5 minutes of it helps clear my head, get my energy flowing and helps me feels strong. 

Cute pug yoga artwork by Gemma Correll! I love her illustrations – check out more of her work HERE on her website.

Here are two wonderful yoga routines that will work for anyone (beginners or more experienced.) I absoluately love Tara Stiles. I love her flow, her helpful tips and she has a very calming voice in her yoga routines.  

I have her book Slim Calm Sexy Yoga (you can buy it here!) and it is my favorite exercise book of all time. 

First off I did this short Morning Routine. You can do this every single day as a great way to get yourself going (no coffee required!) So get our your yoga mat and let’s get started. Don’t be surprised if this one shows up again in this 28 day challenge!

After the quick morning routine I moved onto this Build Strength Evenly video. It’s still fairly short, not complicated and feels great. You could even repeat it a few times if you’r feeling up to it!

Now, just remember to stay comfortably hydrated (bring your water!) today and don’t forget that even on a “rest day” you still need to move your body! Walk with your friends (or pets!), play outside with your kids, or get crazy and do some dancing (I love playing Just Dance 3!)

February 09, 2014/ Morgan/